Vista Equity Partners acquires Pluralsight education platform for billions of dollars

Austin/Draper (USA) | The US investment company Vista Equity Partners bought the IT education platform Pluralsight for $3.5B. This leads to a current stock value of $20.26 per share and also means that the same named online-education company is now entirely owned by the investment company. With this decision Vista takes over a established learning platform which has further increased its relevance during the pandemic. Also they are planning to fuel their growth and strenghten the market leading position with this expensive purchase. Pluralsight – founded in the year 2004 – educates IT professionals with a specified variety of online courses for upskilling. As it went public it raised $190 in the year 2018. The company has 1,700 employes and more than 17,000 customers worldwide. In the second half of 2021 – after passing the standard regulatory oversight – Pluralsight will go private once again.