Will AI become a trend-setting HR-Tech trend in the USA?

Centennial (Colorado)/New York | No matter whether internal dismissals of employees or actual. They all cost the company a lot of money. New figures suggest over $500 billion a year in damage to the U.S. economy. The technical blog “HR Tech News” suggests in its interpretation that digital technology can make a decisive contribution to minimizing the danger of the employee’s detachment from his company and illustrates his argumentation in a series of events, the “HR Tech Summit”, which meets regularly and at various locations. Dipti Salopek, Head of People at Etsy, an e-commerce platform for handmade products, will speak in New York on November 6. She was already available to the blog “HR Tech News” for a conversation in advance and pointed out the cornerstones of her upcoming presentation. In an interview with the blog she pointed out the following aspect in particular: “Going forward, looking at the next few years, there’s a few key predictions. One of these is intelligent self-service tools. We’ve not adopted these as an industry as much, or as well, as we’ve had an opportunity to do so. Employees are now demanding real-time self-service as a base-plate expectation rather than a luxury.” The only scalable way to meet these important employee requirements would be efficient tools that make use of artificial intelligence, according to Salopek in her further argumentation. That is why it is important to implement AI applications in all areas of in-company training – for example in the LMS or on micro-learning platforms – in order to provide learners with a sensibly curated learning path and thus enable them to learn in an individualized and personalized way.

If one follows the argumentation of the US blog “HR Tech News” and the statements of speakers at their “HR Tech Summit”, it becomes clear how the implementation of AI in company eLearning contributes to improving all these systems. But also, that performance support is gaining relevance in in-company education, as it is able to improve the business performance of any company. While there is much to be gained from this interpretation, it is also important for companies using eLearning to ask how they can best manage this transformation. This is not a cardboard style and entails great costs and reflection efforts. Accordingly, the work for companies only begins with the insight into the usefulness of AI applications.

Image: © peshkova – stock.adobe.com