Adaptive learning software is trendy

market studyDublin (Ireland)/Pune (India) | The global market for adaptive learning software is expected to grow from a market value of 1.9 billion US dollars in 2020 to 5.3 billion US dollars in 2025 according to the recently published “Adaptive Learning Market Forecast 2025” by Irish analyst Research and Markets. In conjunction with this, the market researcher forecast an average annual growth of 22.7 %. The reason for this immense predictedgrowth of the market sector is that such e-learning would actually enable learners to learn at their own pace and more efficiently. Furthermore, such tools allow the analysis of the learning process.

Other market studies, such as the one by the Indian analyst HTF Market Intelligence, even assume an annual growth rate of 31.7% until 2021. At the same time they also identify market barriers such as high costs and the need for digital literacy, which could slow down market growth, especially in developing countries. Research Fox, another Indian analyst, predicts a market growth of 29.72% per year until 2022. Research Fox estimates the corresponding US market in 2017 at 879.48 million US dollar.

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