Further increase in market volume expected in Indian online education market

Toronto (Canada)/New Delhi | In the analysis “Online Education Market in India 2018-2022” published in autumn 2018, the Canadian market researcher Technavio assumes an average annual growth of about 20 % in the Indian online education market. The company expects that annual sales of around 18 Billion will be achieved by the end of 2022. The target group of this learner market are pupils, and parents are usually responsible for the corresponding expenditure. For 2018, Technavio estimates the expected growth at 19.48%. According to the Canadian market research company, the main reason for the growth in the Indian online education market is better Internet coverage in rural areas and a higher penetration of smartphones.

Methodologically, Technavio’s analysis is based on a survey of providers and industry experts in the Indian market, but also on trade journal articles, government data, annual reports and press releases from relevant players. 64% of the online education market would be content based on 2017 data, explains Technavio. The Indian online education market remains clear, however, as some large companies in particular are responsible for the majority of market sales. Technavio’s analysis highlights a partial area of the dynamic eLearning market in India. In addition to the online education market for students, interesting developments can also be observed in many other eLearning market segments. There is therefore still enough room for further research on the Indian market.

Image: © Sergey Nivens – stock.adobe.com