US eLearning market continues to grow

market studyWashington D.C./Dublin (Ireland) | The corona pandemic does not slow down the market growth of the eLearning segment in the USA. By 2026, the US e-learning market is expected to be worth as much as US$ 105.2 billion. This is the assumption of the Irish analyst Research and Markets in its market study “United States eLearning Market by Segments (Corporate, Academic – K12, Vocational Training, Higher Education, Government)” published in July 2020. A high level of market dynamics is attributed in particular to the higher education sector in the USA, which is hardly surprising given the current immense digitisation of teaching. But also in corporate learning, the advantages of digital teaching of learning content is getting more attention, especially during the pandemic.  All in all, Research and Markets assumes that this will lead to an increased demand for newlearning solutions and new learning infrastructures in the long term. LMS and mobile learning currently play an important role in the US market, and Research and Markets expects this to continue in the future. Research and Markets assumes an annual market growth of  5.02 % per year, which is an impressive figure when considering that the US eLearning market has always been the largest in the world.

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