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Digital skills development in the fund services segment at Union Investment

The increasing digitalization is changing our working and living world, as far as we are concerned with new, hitherto unknown topics. The frequency of...

Technology of bending – bending technology made easy

The challenge facing TRUMPF Maschinen Austria GmbH was to convey complex technical content as eTraining tailored to the target group. The project was developed...
Interaktive Lernkarte Vapiano

Vapiano: On course for expansion with Mobile Learning and the eAuthor

What can companies with an international orientation do to ensure uniform qualification worldwide? How can e-learning be implemented if the company's employees are not...


How effective skills building improves business impact

The skills landscape has always seen a continual cycle of growth and change, peaks and troughs. What is different today is the speed of...

Digital Learning Maturity – what it means for your business

There are many reasons why putting people development at the heart of your operations is the most important thing to do. Meanwhile the business...

What is the self-fulfilling learning prophecy and why should you care?

It was already 5 years ago that the World Economic Forum predicted that 65% of children entering primary schools today will end up working...

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Thomas N. Garavan, Fergal O’Brien, James Duggan, Claire Gubbins, Yanqing Lai,...

Learning and Development Effectiveness in Organisations: An Integrated Systems-Informed Model of Effectiveness Authors: Thomas N. Garavan, Fergal O’Brien, James Duggan, Claire Gubbins, Yanqing Lai, Ronan...

Ian Jukes, Ryan L. Schaaf – Future of Education

A Brief History of the Future of Education: Learning in the Age of Disruption Authors: Ian Jukes, Ryan L. Schaaf Publishing Company: Corwin Price: $16.17 (kindle), $31.98...

Pete Dulany – eLearning Made Easy

e-Learning Made Easy: Best practices and teaching techniques for remote learning environments Author: Pete Dulany Publishing Company: Independently published Price: $14.99 (paperback) ISBN: (paperback) 979-8639868429 Published: October 19, 2020 The...

Ugochukwu O. Matthew, Engr. Dr. Jazuli S. Kazaure – Education in...

Disruptive Education Technology & Automation of Industry 4.0: AI, Industry 4.0 & Education Automation Authors: Ugochukwu O. Matthew, Engr. Dr. Jazuli S. Kazaure Publishing Company:...

Anthony Seldon, Oladimeji Abidoye – Education Revolution: AI

The Fourth Education Revolution: Will Artificial Intelligence Liberate or Infantilise Humanity Author: Anthony Seldon, Oladimeji Abidoye Publishing Company: University of Buckingham Press Price: $12.99 (kindle), $24.95 (paperback) ISBN:...

Matt DiMaio – eLearning Tips & Techniques

Straight 'A' Strategies for SUCCESSFUL ONLINE LEARNING: The Very Best E-Learning Tips & Techniques Author: Matt DiMaio Publishing Company: Independently published Price: $2.99 (kindle), $7.95 (paperback) ISBN: (paperback)...

Elijah Falode – Digital Transformation amid Pandemic

The Rise of E-Learning in the Wake of a Pandemic: The Future of Learning-Online Learning, Learn Anywhere! Author: Elijah Falode Publishing Company: Independently published Price: $4.19 (kindle),...

Daniel Burgos – Online Education Technology

Radical Solutions and eLearning: Practical Innovations and Online Educational Technology Author: Daniel Burgos Publishing Company: Springer Nature Price: $107.21 (kindle), $140.54 (hardcover) ISBN: (hardcover) 978-9811549519 Published: May 22, 2020 Educational...

Donna Russell – Immersive VR Learning

Implementing Augmented Reality Into Immersive Virtual Learning Environments Author: Donna Russell Publishing Company: Information Science Reference Price: $150.00 (paperback) ISBN: (paperback) 978-1799872054 Published: February 2, 2021 The potential to...

Clark N. Quinn – Learning Science for ID

Learning Science for Instructional Designers: From Cognition to Application Author: Clark N. Quinn Publishing Company: Association for Talent Development Price: $21.99 (paperback) ISBN: (paperback) 978-1952157455 Published: April 13, 2021 Good...