Microlearning and gamification – a wonderful combination!

microlearning & gamificationHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | Take 2 great eLearning methods called Microlearning and Gamification and combine them! And you have already developed a great digital learning scenario. Of course, the situation is not that simple. But what advantages do the combination of the two eLearning methods actually offer when used meaningful, you will learn in the following article.

Focus on performance and achievement!

In order for microlearning and gamification to be used in the sense of an efficient learning process, from a business management point of view, the eLearning methods must be provided with the underlying goal of improving the work performance of the workforce. This goal must always be kept in mind during the concrete implementation of learning scenarios.

Fun and games, yes please!

Who would have thought it? – In order for eLearning, which relies on the microlearning approach, to  really work out, fun and playful elements are required. Best of all in a suitable combination. So how about using microlearning quizzes or similar? – Why not try out the use of microlearning quizzes! In addition, the acquisition of points and badges are important functions. Important functions, which, however, only really come into play when the employees are given relevant learning content.

Reality and practical relevance wins! 

Even if you can give a digital learning scenario a playful appearance, this is still the wrong way. After all, practical support is planned in the workplace. So please keep your learning scenario real and practical!

Give your employee feedback in the learning process!

Employee feedback appears to be especially important if he or she is not making much progress in learning. But how do you package constructive criticism so that it is gratefully accepted and taken seriously? – For example, by presenting the feedback to the learner via a sympathetic avatar with the appropriate portion of humour.

Don’t forget the forgetting curve!

The scientific community has a consensus that a large part of the content learned will soon be forgotten. Accordingly, human resources development must counteract this “forgetting curve”. And what could be more useful than a short query or reminder via microlearning app?

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