Companies increasingly rely on video conferencing as a collaboration tool

New York | Digital collaboration is en vogue. Of course, because the technology easily bridges long distances without incurring a whole mountain of costs at the same time. Global industries, in particular, benefit from this because it increases productivity. In his recently updated analysis “Enterprise video conferencing market: global demand analysis & opportunity outlook 2023”, US market researcher Research Nester has now given a forecast for the collaborative market segment of video conferencing software. Accordingly, the global market will grow by an average of 7.44% per year in the forecast period 2015 to 2023 and is expected to generate sales of 7.94 billion US dollars in 2023. For companies, as Research Nester puts it, video conferencing software focuses primarily on the aspect of data security.

Particularly in the health sector and in education and training contexts, the use of video conferencing software has increased the most, reports Research Neste. With a 38.14% share of the global market, the US market is currently the most important and, according to the analyst, is likely to maintain its leading position in the forecast period until 2023. However, the Asia-Pacific region is growing faster than elsewhere: Research Nester forecasts an average annual growth rate of 9.2 % over the forecast period. There are promising growth opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region in numerous emerging markets, such as India.

So what was highlighted in this brief analysis was the global market segment for video conferencing software. This market segment is, of course, only one of many, because in addition to this basic function of digital collaboration, there are, of course, numerous others. For example, in-house chats and forums would be another market segment that is also likely to grow. In principle, collaborative functions can be part of an LMS or come along as independent software. Both can be useful and must be decided on a case-by-case basis: The main thing is that the cooperation gets going cost-efficiently and in a modern way!

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