Global corporate eLearning market to continue to grow steadily

Houston (Texas) | The US market researcher Research N Reports forecasts 13 % average annual growth in its new analysis “Global Corporate E-learning Industry Market Research Report 2018-2025”. The analyst therefore expects total market growth of USD 30 billion in the forecast period.

Research N Reports sees the actual significance of corporate eLearning in the fact that companies can help employees to adapt so cost-efficiently to the changed job requirements and changes both within the company and across the industry. It is also important from a business point of view to use eLearning to show the workforce what important role each individual, regardless of department, has with his or her performance in achieving the company’s goals, so that each participant can locate his or her work within the overall structure and know that it is valued by the employer. In accordance with the large and important goals that companies associate with eLearning, Research N Reports has developed a broad spectrum of tasks and instruments in corporate eLearning. These include, for example, recruitment, on-boarding and, in particular, various company-specific training courses. E-Learning instead of other forms of mediation is used here, reports Research N Reports, primarily because personnel costs incurred in connection with appropriate training measures can be reduced. In addition, of course, there are also modern forms of learning that offer completely new opportunities compared to conventional forms of learning. Research N Reports, however, largely ignores this aspect of content in the present analysis.

Research N Reports sees trends in mobile learning, which is booming particularly strongly in developing countries. But also, globally in micro learning, i.e. longer-term learning by means of small, manageable learning snacks, which only require a short attention span of the learner.

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