New analysis on US Learning & Development

Stockholm/Washington | The average US employee is most likely to receive between 7 and 14 days of training a year. This is the conclusion of the “U.S. L&D Report: 2019”, recently published by the Swedish comparison platform With 26% of all data from the 70 people surveyed responsible for continuing education and training, the highest proportion is attributable to the same period. All types of company were represented across all sectors: From small companies with less than 10 employees to large companies with more than 10,000 employees.

When asked by Findcourses which division is given the highest priority in training measures, 57% responded with Management. Sales and customer service were far behind with 10% each.

According to the Findcourses survey, the importance of learning & development in US companies is likely to increase further, as 39% of all respondents expect a larger budget in 2019 than last year. A further 46% assume that the budget will remain high. Only 15 % of those surveyed assume that the budget will fall.

The role of eLearning in Learning & Development is also sometimes the subject of the Findcourses survey. When asked about the most frequently used external training method for employees, 30% of all respondents answered with eLearning. External in-house training came second with 23%. Other forms of seminars, blended learning and conferences play a less important role.

In general, 63% of all companies stated to Findcourses that they intend to use eLearning in 2019. Only 14% say they do not want to use eLearning in 2019. 45% agree with the planned use of microlearning videos, 23% each of Virtual Classroms and Mobile Learning, 4% of Virtual Reality. 21% want to use Game-based Learning in 2019.

The survey can be downloaded free of charge from the link after compulsory registration.

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