Dynamic eLearning growth in Asia using Malaysia as an example

Kuala Lumpur/New York When we talk about the dynamic growth of a regional eLearning market today, we mostly talk about the Asia-Pacific region. But how can this be imagined in concrete terms, even apart from the industry leaders China and India? For Malysia, which has a population of around 32 million, this means an annual growth rate of 16.4% in online education for students alone. In its latest analysis “Malaysia Online Education Market Overview”, US market researcher Research Nester assumes this for the forecast period 2016 to 2023. Mobile learning via smartphone or tablet is expected to gain in importance, with 35% of all eLearnings for students by the end of 2023. The reason for this is an increased supply of the same terminal equipment to the population and better network coverage. The market study also examines LMS, virtual classrooms and podcasts, which are used in education, among other things. And one thing is also clear: the changes in the learning landscape in today’s generation of students will also lead to corresponding changes in corporate learning.

Image: © yurolaitsalbert – stock.adobe.com