What you should bear in mind when designing microlearning

microlearningHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | Microlearning is currently one of the major global trends in corporate learning . Especially short learning units are being used more and more often. But what should actually be taken into account when designing corresponding learning units? – This will be answered  in the following.

Microlearning needs an operational strategy

First of all, it is important to know that microlearning is primarily a learning strategy and not a (an application of a) specific technique. Therefore, as an eLearning applying company it is not sufficient to buy a product that is technically capable of microlearning. It is also essential to have a specific corporate strategy behind itin order to offer its staff an efficient form of learning.

Adequate content is needed for microlearning

Even if the temptation may exist to simply break up existing learning materials into smaller learning units in order to implement microlearning, this doesn’t work Instead it is necessary to develop brief learning units, that are specially designed for this approach. Obviously not all topics and learning contents can be  used in this way. So focus on the essentials!

Use the entire mix of methods of microlearning!

In the meantime, many microlearning methods are in use:  in our daily livesemails with do’s and don’ts, weekly produced videos, quizzes with a playful character or reflected infographics. You are well advised not to limit yourself to a single way microlearning , but at best to try several.

Evaluate the learning process!

Digital learning is usually involved with a lot of experimentation to find the best way to transfer knowledge. Accordingly, it is crucial to evaluate the learning process of the workforce and to analyse the effects of learning. For example, how behaviour has been changed, knowledge expanded or productivity increased.

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