Home office and productivity

London | In the UK, according to a survey by the job board “CV Library”, 60% of all respondents would like to work in the home office if the employer approves. At the same time, only one third of respondents are given the opportunity to do so. Around 20% of all respondents believe that the employer would not trust them to do their work away from the workplace – digitally supported. Perhaps rightly so, according to the CV Library survey, because the same survey shows that almost a third of respondents experience a drop in performance when they are allowed to work outside the office. But over the age of the employees, differences would become apparent. For example, older employees would be better able to cope with the necessary self-organisation and responsibility in the home office.

Disturbing and distracting aspects in the home office are, for example, about 20% or more approval of housework, the roommates, television and childcare. Housework is the most important, with as much as 26% of employees surveyed agreeing.

For Lee Biggings, CEO and founder of CV-Library, there is no way around granting home office work today. However, the following restriction is important to him:  „If you want to keep hold of your staff and make them feel valued, then offering remote working might be the way forward. It’s a huge responsibility and one that you should only give to members of staff that you can trust to not abuse this power. But it can definitely pay off and help you on your way to becoming an employer of choice.”

Image: © nikomsolftwaer – stock.adobe.com