How to support your children in digital learning at home

digital learning supportHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | As great as the current challenge of the home office may be for the employees of a company, for their children and pupils, it is likely to be much greater because of the young age. But how can you help your children to make good use of the time of the corona pandemic and perhaps even gain a competitive advantage?

– Create a routine!

Yes, your child could theoretically sleep in, start the day with computer games or shopping. But the more efficient way is to create a routine that promotes the mental productivity of your child. In other words, make it clear to your child that getting up early every day, taking a shower and approach to schoolwork is essential.

– However, fun should not be neglected!

As serious as the current situation may be, it is important to maintain the fun in the life of your own children even in the rigidly clocked digital school life. For example, digital forms of meeting children with classmates must be given sufficient time and importance. And maybe to drop a motivating slogan from time to time when you are only working one room further in the home office.

– Leave the screen and digital equipment aside during the break!

The digital world is great and offers many possibilities. No question about it. Nevertheless, you should instruct your children to leave the digital aside completely during breaks and instead, for example, jog around the block or take the dog for a walk.

– Plan for technical breakdowns while learning!

Make it clear to your child that it is completely natural that breakdowns occur in the world of digital learning. Just because the classroom zoom conference gets stuck due to overload of the server infrastructure and can no longer be followed, this does not mean the end of the world. The current learning situation should still be better than the conceivable worst-case scenario. This thought should also help your child to stay relaxed. And to actively explore the adventure of digital learning and form their own opinion about it.

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