Study on employee engagement

New York/Canberra (Australia) According to a new study by eLearning service provider Reward Gateway, today’s workers prefer to forego traditional benefits such as Christmas parties, annual bonuses and the like and prefer to receive benefits and employer attention all year round. The mentioned service provider interviewed 1400 employees as well as high-ranking decision makers in the USA and Australia. A full 76% of respondents agree that employers could do more to accommodate employees and create a better work-life balance.

In detail, 58% of those surveyed agreed that they would rather forego a holiday bonus in favour of more frequent bonuses during the year. More than half of the employees would rather forgo a Christmas party and instead receive rewards and recognition throughout the year.

One thing, however, is left out of the Reward Gateway study: Even if adjustments to the current generation of employees are inevitable on the part of the companies, the benefits to be distributed must first be earned from a business management perspective.

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