QA enters into partnership with Carruthers and Jackson

London | British IT and executive trainer QA recently announced a partnership with data specialists Carruthers and Jackson. QA develops solutions for organizations, conducts training and has around 80% of FTSE 250 companies among its customers, according to QA. Caroline Carruthers and Peter Jackson founded Carruthers and Jackson to drive a data-based transformation of the economy by, for example, empowering companies to process and analyze data through machine learning and artificial intelligence, thereby increasing value. In their first joint book, The Chief Data Officers Playbook, they concluded, “Nothing, literally nothing, works in a business without entering data in some form.”

Together, Carruthers and Jackson and QA will provide data processing and analysis solutions for board members, IT staff and data protection officers. In this way, QA’s portfolio in this area is to be significantly expanded and improved.

David Walker, Portfolio Director for Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies at QA, comments on the collaboration: “We are delighted to welcome Carruthers and Jackson as a trusted business partner. Carruthers and Jackson have developed innovative solutions to the challenging issues of data leadership and data governance. QA and Carruthers and Jackson will intensify their collaboration and plan to jointly bring to market software that enables data-driven work and decision-making within enterprises. This will support our customers in their digital transformation”.

Caroline Carruthers, co-founder of Carruthers and Jackson, also comments on the collaboration with QA: “We are working to improve enterprise data processing and analysis through our training programs, publications, and community exchanges. We want companies to increase their imagination of how data can be used and maintain a sense of responsibility in dealing with it. We look forward to QA’s excellent market presence and will use best practices to help companies operate more data-based than ever before.”

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