These skills of the employees ensure success in working at home

working at homeRochester (New York) | Covid19 presents numerous challenges for personnel developers and recruiters across all industries. Suddenly it is especially important for permanent staff as well as newcomers to be successful in working at home as well. And not only in a subjectively perceived sense, but also from an economic perspective.

The outsourcing service provider Paychex took the corona pandemic as an opportunity to ask personnel managers how they perceive and manage the current situation. At 79%, the majority of all companies surveyed have already trained their staff to work independently and to work together in virtual teams. According to the respondents, the following skills are particularly important for successful collaboration in the home office: time management (77.2% agreement), independent working (61.2% agreement), self-motivation (44.2%), organisation (44.2%), technical competence (34%), interpersonal skills (32%), proactive communication (28.2%) and consistent communication (18.2%).

If, as a personnel developer, one now notices deficits in the workforce with regard to the above-mentioned essential skills, it is precisely these that need to be trained as soon as possible. Things like technical competence in the software used, organisation or proactive and consistent communication can be trained relatively quickly and actively applied by the workforce. Other areas such as time management or independent working can also be trained quickly, but in these areas it will take longer for differences in the daily work of the workforce to become apparent, as it takes time to develop a productive mindset.

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