Global eLearning Market – Soon 300 billion dollar heavy?

Selbyville (Delaware)/Dublin | The global eLearning market seems to be on the upswing. In the meantime, more and more market researchers are saying that the total global eLearning market is likely to exceed a market value of 300 billion dollars by 2025. After the Irish market researcher Research and Markets had already published a corresponding analysis and estimated a market value of 325 billion dollars for 2025, the US market research company Global Market Insights has come to a very similar conclusion in a new analysis and also assumes that more than 300 billion dollars will be generated in eLearning, of which about 40 % in the North American market alone. In the Latin American market, however, Global Market Insights expects significantly higher growth than Research and Markets and estimates a market volume of 10 billion dollars for the year 2025.

According to the analysis of Global Market Insights, the global eLearning market segment, which had a market value of about 190 billion dollars in 2018, will grow by an average of 7% per year until 2025. Corporate eLearning is growing at an average annual rate of 8% over the same period, slightly faster than eLearning in other areas such as schools and colleges. Currently, sales outside corporate eLearning still account for the lion’s share of the total market with more than 50% of the market.

Chances and trends see Global Market Insights in the coming years for example in cloud-based LMS, in addition, but also in Mobile Learning that after reference of Global Market Insights is used now for example in the academic range also to follow lectures on the Smartphone from the distance live. At any rate, the increased interest in distance learning is also boosting the eLearning markets.

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