European analysis predicts growth of the global eLearning market

global elearning marketLyon (France) | American and Indian market researchers recently predicted that the global elearning market will grow strongly in the coming years. According to their precidionts will reach a market value of 300 and 400 billion US dollars per year. The French market researcher, Report Linker,  agrees with this analysis in its market study “Global E-Learning Industry” published in September 2020 and assumes an annual market value of 305.3 billion US dollars in 2025. The reason for this is that digital learning management systems are becoming increasingly important. Furthermore, the time and place independent use of digital learning is increasingly seen as an advantage. While many market researchers have presented a brief analysis , Report Linker goes into much more detail  and has presented an analysis of more than 500 pages. Despite all the differences across the market researchers outputs, they agree on one thing:  the global eLearning market is currently growing at a minimum rate of around 8-10% per year.

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