Simulations: Are game and professional training getting closer?

Los Angeles | The E3 games fair in Los Angeles may also have given new impetus to operational training. According to a trailer with game scenes, the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 presented there focuses on almost photorealistic three-dimensional representations based on satellite data and the use of AI. The game will run on Windows 10 computers as well as the Xbox next year. The software simulation is based on a 4K resolution and high contrast mode HDR with 10-bit color depth, whereby gradual color differences are also visible in the simulation, since up to 1.07 billion colors can be displayed instead of the usual 16.7 million. But what does this mean for professional training? – One thing can definitely be said: The more realistic a game, the higher the probability that real pilots can benefit from it.

The predecessor game Microsoft Flight Simulator X was released in October 2006. The game had high system requirements, which led to criticism among the players. Nevertheless, it was well received – in the course of time, numerous third-party add-ons were created that brought new functions as well as graphical enhancements. Microsoft wants to bind passionate players to the flight simulator in a special way and has launched the “Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Program”, where they can play the latest beta versions and contribute their ideas. Of course, not all wishes of the players go with professional simulations d’accord – but in parts and as far as the fidelity to reality is concerned, there is largely congruence.

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