Microlearning quo vadis?

Waterloo (Canada)/Washington | Participation in optional in-house training increases by 42% when microlearning offers are made to employees in a company. This is the conclusion reached by eLearning provider Axonify, which surveyed 360,000 North American employees from 78 large companies on the use and perception of microlearning for its recently published “Microlearning Benchmark Report 2018”. This analysis was supplemented by the evaluation of approximately 4 million microlearning units. Microlearning is characterized by the fact that the learner is usually provided with small bits of information or exercises on mobile devices for learning purposes.

According to Axonify, Microlearning scores points because learning with a smartphone is the order of the day and small learning games in particular are motivating. In addition, the extensive analysis shows that learning snacks are increasingly oriented towards solving specific business problems, which increases learning efficiency. Automated repetitions would also contribute to an increase in learning transfer for everyday work.

But how often do employees use microlearning? – In its analysis, Axonify concludes that almost three quarters (74%) of employees voluntarily use around 100 microlearning units per year. All in all, this is not just a trifle.

Image: © Gorodenkoff – stock.adobe.com