Have you ever thought about setting up a talent pool?

talentHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | Talent Pools offer companies numerous advantages in talent management, as the knowledge of competencies of employees or potential candidates is stored centrally in the company and can be retrieved as needed. However, the creation and maintenance of a corresponding database is time-consuming, also due to data protection regulations. And yet, even as a smaller company, it is worthwhile to get started, for example by building up a purely internal talent pool in order to be able to manage personnel development measures more efficiently and in a more targeted manner. At a later stage, an external talent pool can also be integrated to support recruiters in attracting talent for their own company.

Managers help to discover talents within the company. However, the first step is to define or demonstrate to them what constitutes a “talent”. When setting up a talent pool, the following operational indicators can be targeted: relevant educational qualifications and certificates, the degree to which an employee has achieved his or her goals, the results of diagnostic test procedures and assessment centres, information from existing employee profiles, data from employee recommendation programmes or even key performance indicators from various departments. In general, the aim is to record professional competence and methodical knowledge, social and communication skills as well as personal competence and to store them in the talent pool. Once this has been achieved, it is much clearer who will need training in which area in the future.

Image: © denisismagilov – stock.adobe.com