Learning Analytics are becoming increasingly important

Dublin/Pune (Indien) | Learning Analytics are playing an increasingly important role in schools and universities worldwide, as the market for them is growing rapidly. This is the conclusion reached by the Irish market researcher Research and Markets in its new analysis “Education and Learning Analytics Market”. The market includes LMS, but also apps for mobile learning or electronic information systems for pupils and students – always with reference to included learning analytics functions, of course. The analyst assumes annual growth of 17.4 % in the years 2019 to 2025. According to the calculations of Research and Markets, the corresponding market is thus likely to reach 49.12 billion US dollars annually for the first time in 2025.

The Indian market researcher MarketsandMarkets comes to a somewhat higher assessment of the growth dynamics. He assumes an annual growth rate of 22.6% in the period 2018 to 2023, but estimates the expected market value in 2023 at only 7.1 billion US dollars due to other market definitions.

According to Research and Markets, learning analytics are becoming increasingly popular because they allow data-based decisions to be made about the learning process, which can then be personalised.

In those companies that are not part of the market forecast of Research and Markets, learning can be decisively linked to the strategic goals of the organizations by means of learning analytics. Learning Analytics is also ideally suited for creating performance indicators or enabling a higher return on investment.

Image: © everythingpossible – stock.adobe.com