Use Microlearning, but in the right way!

MicrolearningHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | Microlearning is an important didactic mediation approach. There are surveys which even assume that learning performance can be increased by 72 % in this way. Microlearning is about conveying knowledge that, due to its compact nature, can in principle be used in almost all learning situations and thus also in almost all environments. And yet there are still some things that need to be considered when using microlearning to create learning efficient material. Following some reflections on Microlearning and Dos and Donts:

1.) Conciseness instead of pure portioning

A transformation of already existing learning content into smaller pieces of knowledge is not enough to really do justice to microlearning. Only if the learning units are all concise can the microlearning approach develop its full didactic potential.

2.) Can Microlearning replace all long-winded courses?

No, because “one size fits all” has never worked didactically. Microlearning is not suitable for all areas of application and is mainly used for the repetition of learning contents already worked out. Therefore, extensive courses cannot simply be replaced, but must be optimised in other ways.

3.) Is Microlearning suitable for teaching all subjects?

“One size fits all” does not work even when considered in terms of topics. Microlearning is not always the first choice. For the handling of machines with a risk potential for the operating personnel, the teaching approach might even be completely unsuitable.

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