The health care system worldwide is increasingly relying on digital learning solutions

health sector elearningDublin (Ireland) | In the predominantly formalised personnel development of the health care sector, eLearning has long played a minor role compared to other sectors. However, according to the Irish analyst Research and Markets, this is currently changing immensely. In the analysis “Healthcare Learning Management Systems Market – Forecast (2020 – 2025)”, the market researcher comes to the predictive statement that the global market will grow by an average of 25.1 % annually. Growth is even higher in the APAC region, where Research and Markets expects average annual growth of 32.4 %. The most important overarching trained topic here is care. In the forecast period,  care-courses are expected to reach a sales level of USD 718 million according to Research and Markets.

According to Research and Markets, the immense market growth is also due to the increasing number of employees in the healthcare sector. Also due to the scaling advantages of eLearning, there is an ever increasing demand for digital learning solutions. And LMS still play a decisive role in the introduction of eLearning.

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