Good outlook for the global corporate eLearning market

corporate eLearningThe corporate e-learning market is growing worldwide at a significantly higher rate than the general e-learning market. So far so well known. The French market researcher ReportLinker has now presented a new analysis at the beginning of 2020. According to this analysis, the global corporate eLearning market will grow by an average of 11% per year in the forecast period 2020 to 2024. According to calculations by ReportLinker, this would mean a further growth of the market by a total of 38.09 billion US dollars in the forecast period. During the market analysis, ReportLinker will take a closer look at trends and growth drivers of the market. In general, ReportLinker sees the increased demand for more cost-efficient training solutions for companies as a decisive growth factor for eLearning. According to ReportLinker, gamification is likely to be a particularly promising growth factor in the market in the coming years.

The analysis of the French market researcher ReportLinker joins a whole series of other similar forecasts. To a certain extent, there seems to be a consensus that the global corporate eLearning market will grow at a double-digit rate in the coming years. For example, the US analyst Research N Reports assumes an annual growth rate of 13 % in the forecast period 2018 to 2025. The Indian analyst Premium Market Insights seems to be the outlier in the analysis and the realistic growth potential predicted in the process. He even assumes an annual growth rate of 15 % in the coming years.

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