How AI ensures a new relevance of return on investment

AIHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | The use of artificial intelligence in corporate eLearning is only just beginning. And yet it can already be seen that it is accompanied by fundamental changes which provide new relevance for the return on investment of learning measures.

AI makes implicit knowledge accessible!

Up to now, a lot of data in companies simply remained unused because human cognitive performance was not enough to analyse this data. This changes with the use of AI. From now on, companies have a lot of data at their disposal that is just waiting to be used in aggregated form for further decisions.

KI recognizes highflyers and irregularities!

If someone performs exceptionally high learning performance, this does not remain hidden for long from an AI-supported LMS. What applies to high or low learning performance also applies to other data that can be analysed with the help of AI. No matter what processes and developments take place in a company, AI quickly brings them to light with its high computing power.

AI enables “combinatorial” thinking!

Numerous factors often play an important role in corporate projects. This becomes apparent at the latest when certain principles are thrown overboard in connection with the achievement of a milestone goal and, for example, the maximization of sales or minimization of costs are decidedly pushed forward at the expense of other factors or basic values. AI-based systems can also provide orientation here, for example by simulating certain learning scenarios and their effects on the learners in advance to a certain extent using the available data and indicators, and thus allowing their effect to be assessed in advance.

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