Will VR and AR in the workplace soon be as commonplace as the smartphone?

Washington D.C. | VR and AR manage to inspire today’s employees, which is why there are positive prospects for the use of the technology in company training. This is the basic conclusion reached by the consumer electronics company Mojo Vision by means of a survey of 1000 employees working in the USA for the recently published analysis “Tomorrow’s Workplace Technology: What Happens When Things Get Personal”. Although a large majority of 75% say they have never used AR/VR devices, 4 out of 5 employees (78%) are open to this and would use them if their employer provided them. As advantages of VR/AR, 54% of the employees surveyed agree that it allows them to access a variety of data sets such as sales figures or forecasts, while 48% assume that they can learn completely new skills with VR/AR.

The view of the employees surveyed by Mojo Vision is also extremely positive with regard to other aspects of the technology. For example, the majority of those surveyed (55%) believe that AR/VR and similar tools will be as widespread in 10 years as the smartphone is today. Two out of five respondents also said that they expect VR/AR devices to replace the screens commonly used in offices today.

However, in addition to the positive aspects regarding VR/AR, the Mojo Vision survey also includes negative ones. For example, 58% of those surveyed expressed concern about data protection. 49% of the surveyed employees ask themselves whether the wearing comfort of VR/AR devices is maintained even when used over a longer period of time.

Image: © zapp2photo – stock.adobe.com