The eLearning gamification market is expected to grow dynamically

Gamification globallyToronto (Canada) | In its recently published analysis “Gamification Market 2020-2024”, the Canadian market researcher Technavio assumes an annual growth rate of 27 % for the eLearning gamification market. In 2020, however, Technavio initially expects growth of only 14.75 %, which is probably due to the exceptional situation of the corona pandemic. In the upcoming years, however, the global market is expected to grow by another 17.56 billion US dollars. Technavio expects a full 45 % of future market growth in the North American region.

The analysis thus joins others that have already been published. The US analyst Research N Reports, for example, assumes annual growth of 15% until 2022. The Indian analyst MarketsandMarkets, on the other hand, expects 32% annual growth until 2023. Just as growth prospects are assessed differently, so too is the current market value due to the different definition of the market. For example, in its most recent analysis MarketsandMarkets assumes that the gamification eLearning market is currently valued at only USD 450 million.

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