Soft skills training is becoming increasingly relevant

Soft skills trainingDublin (Ireland) | Over the next four years, the global market for soft skills training is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 11% per year. This is the assumption of the Irish analyst Research Research and Markets in its market study “Global Soft Skills Training Market 2020-2024” published in August 2020. This is expected to result in a total market growth of USD 14.9 billion. The comprehensive analysis, which is presented on more than 120 pages, includes analysis of individual providers active in the field. According to Research and Markets, the growth drivers of the market are cheaper learning units and the increased demand for corresponding digital learning offers in the area of soft skills due to the corona pandemic.

Positive market prospects for soft skills are undisputed. After all, these are skills that are becoming increasingly important in the age of digitisation and global project cooperation. More detailed knowledge of current developments has already been examined several times in the past within the framework of the eLearning BENCHMARKING soft skills study. Further information on the most recently published German-language study “eLearning BENCHMARKING Study 2020 – Substudy: Soft Skills – Success Factor in the Digital Working World?” as well as a free download can be found here:

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