The global market for eLearning IT infrastructure is growing rapidly

Houston (Texas) | According to a new forecast by the US market research company “Research N Reports”, the market for eLearning IT infrastructure is expected to experience an average annual growth rate of 14% between 2019 and 2025. The increased demand for distance learning is one of the main factors for growth. All those who have difficulties taking up conventional educational offers, for example due to a job or bringing up children at home, benefit in particular from distance learning. As a result, many educational institutions are increasingly replacing traditional forms of learning and teaching with e-learning. Educational content is increasingly being consumed online or on CDs, which, according to Research N Reports, will fuel the growth of the eLearning infrastructure in the coming years. In adaptive learning systems in particular, educational institutions have high hopes for the present forecast, as they can respond to learners individually. The eLearning infrastructure is growing most strongly in North America, China, Japan, Europe and India, according to the analysis-based assumption of “Research N Reports”. Companies would benefit from the use of intelligent training software above all because the activities of the learners and the respective learning paths could be viewed, which is not conventionally possible to the same extent. Research N Reports” describes the plans of numerous international providers to increase their global market presence in the coming years. These efforts, in conjunction with the existing competition from smaller local providers, are likely to set in motion interesting competition in terms of quality, technology and pricing.

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