Corporate Compliance – increasingly taught via eLearning?

Pune (India) | 15.65% average annual growth until 2024 for the corporate compliance sector, forecasts Indian market researcher Qurate Business Intelligence in its new analysis “Global eLearning Corporate Compliance Training Market”. The aforementioned market includes code of conduct, diversity, information security and compliance training in the sense of legal regulations. According to a current market value of 792.68 million US dollars, also determined by Qurate Business Intelligence, this is likely to increase to 2193.69 million US dollars by 2024. In particular, the increased use of the BYOD (Bring your own device) and COPE (Corporate owned, personally enabled) approaches in companies is expected to have a growth-promoting effect in the future, says Qurate Business Intelligence.

A comparable growth rate is assumed by the Indian market research company Market Research Nest based on a current analysis. This company forecasts average annual growth of 13% over the same forecast period. However, Market Research Nest expects a significantly higher market volume due to a broader definition of corporate compliance. The prognosis of Market Research Nest is that a global market size of 6.42 billion US dollars would be reached in 2024. In the present synopsis, at any rate, one thing becomes inevitably clear: significantly more money is spent worldwide for digital forms of compliance mediation, which can also be traced back to the replacement of conventional forms such as classroom training. But possibly also on a generally rising meaning of Compliance in the operational education. Here a broader investigation would be still desirable in the future in order to gain more clarity about the status quo.

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