Jon M. Werner – Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development: Talent Development 8th Edition

Authors: Jon M. Werner
Publishing Company: Cengage Learning
Price: $148.99 (kindle), $246.07 (paperback)
ISBN: (paperback) 978-0357512524
Published: January 1, 2021

Discover the challenges, rewards and most recent advancements in the field of human resource development today with Werner’s HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT, 8E. This powerful edition addresses each aspects of human resource development — from orientation and skills training to careers, management and organizational development. Updated content integrates more than 1,000 new citations and draws from the latest professional and academic organizations, while expanded coverage prepares you to effectively address international issues, diversity and inclusion. Interesting chapter-opening cases, practical end-of-chapter exercises and meaningful discussions highlight how a variety of organizations today have effectively translated leading human resource development concepts and theories into effective practice.