Lorea Martinez – SEL 101

Teaching with the HEART in Mind: A Complete Educator’s Guide to Social Emotional Learning

Author: Lorea Martinez
Publishing Company: Brisca Publishing
Price: $9.99 (kindle), $19.99 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-1736062005
Published: February 17, 2021

Creating better outcomes for your students sometimes means you have to challenge the odds. Academics and standardized assessments aren’t enough. You need to educate both their hearts and minds. Strengthen your students’ resilience, spark their curiosity for learning, and encourage future success in college, career, and beyond. Be the best teacher you can be and infuse social emotional skills into your teaching of any subject. In Teaching with the HEART in Mind, Dr. Lorea Martínez Pérez provides a comprehensive roadmap to understanding the psychology of emotions, relationships, and adversity in learning, while equipping you to teach SEL skills and develop your own social and emotional intelligence. Full of practical techniques for educators of all subjects, this is your guide for transforming your classroom through essential SEL principles.