How to implement Microlearning in your company

MicrolearningHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | Microlearning is on everyone’s lips in corporate learning today. After all, it can be learnt everywhere and at any time and, above all, iteratively. But what should one actually consider when implementing it? At the beginning of the implementation there is the fundamental question of what kind of content delivery microlearning should be used for. For example, should soft skills such as teamwork or compliance be trained? Which learning strategy should be used? Does microlearning make any sense at all or is it better served by other methods? Or is there a mix of methods where microlearning is used as one of several methods? – First of all: Complex contents are usually not suitable for microlearning.

Once it has been clarified that the use of microlearning really makes sense, it is time for the actual conception. Here the following applies to the mediation: simplicity wins. Each learning element should comprise only 1 core idea. In addition, microlearning content should be visually conceived – because it is in no way inferior to good social media content. In addition, the content in microlearning must be stylistically and content-wise consistent, i.e. contain a comprehensible train of thought. On this way, microlearning can really get started. But don’t forget to get regular feedback from the learners in order to continually optimise your content!

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