Microlearning is on trend

Dublin | The Irish analyst Research and Markets assumes that the microlearning market will grow by 13.2 % per year until 2024, according to a new market study published this summer. The reason for this is that there is an increasing demand for this market across all industries Often, the companies that use the software have the desire to increase productivity by improving the learning efficiency of their trained employees. According to Research and Markets, microlearning can score points among learners primarily through a pleasant learning experience.

According to the market researcher, companies using eLearning can also fall back on a large number of competing providers in order to design microlearnings and thus convey content in small learning snacks.

The key to microlearning is that a great learning achievement can be accomplished over the year by means of short learning units. In its “Microlearning Benchmark Report 2018” and the associated survey of 360,000 North American employees from large companies and analysis of their learner data, the eLearning provider Axonify found that 74% of employees voluntarily used around 100 microlearning units per year. Assuming a fictitious duration of 15 minutes per learning unit, the learning duration is 25 hours or more than 3 working days. Not exactly little, considering that this is a purely voluntary commitment on the part of the employees.

Image: © everythingpossible – stock.adobe.com