Corporate Training is booming worldwide

corporate training worldwideToronto (Canada) | According to the new analysis “Corporate Training Market 2020-2024” by Canadian market researcher Technavio, the market segment of corporate training is growing by 10% per year. Over the four-year forecast period, this will result in an increase in the annual market value of 52.7 billion US dollars by the end of 2024, with analyst Technavio predicting an increase of 8.37% for 2020. The US market would remain the one with the highest market share, with 44% of the growth over the four-year forecast period also expected to be in the US. The Asia-Pacific region, however, is growing at an even faster rate.

Technavio sees the main reason for the market growth as low-cost e-learning, which is being used more and more frequently due to the added value perceived by companies. But also the Internet of Things or VR and AR are responsible for the market growth. Accordingly, the analysis shows the constantly increasing importance of the use of eLearning in company training.

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