How the corona epidemic makes remote work acceptable

remote workSydney | HR professionals around the world are currently making a strong case for teleworking also in the wake of the fight against the corona epidemic. According to a survey conducted by Human Resources Director, 91% of all HR managers surveyed explicitly demand appropriate work arrangements even after the crisis. This is related to the current experiences of around three quarters of those surveyed with this type of work organisation, which are predominantly rated positively.

Nevertheless, dealing with Corona is currently a tour de force for HR managers: According to the survey, social distancing must be implemented, staff travel must be restricted, new hygiene standards must be implemented and the mental well-being of employees must be taken care of, which is becoming increasingly important in connection with remote work.

When asked about specific concerns, almost half of all staff members always mentioned the danger of a second wave of epidemics. And this is true across all continents, regardless of whether the answers are given in Australia, North America or Asia. While 36% of all HR professionals surveyed by the Human Resources Director believe it will take 6 to 12 months for their organisation to return to normal operations, 30% believe it will take over a year. Whenever the normalisation will be felt in both HR and business: what is certain is that nothing will ever be the same. Current experiences with teleworking and digital learning are leaving their mark and will also ensure that many a prejudice is dropped.

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