Global eLearning market for consumers is growing solid

global elearning marketPune (India)/New Delhi | The global eLearning consumer market is expected to grow by about 8.5 % annually. This is the assumption of the Indian market researcher Market Research Nest in the new analysis “Global Self-Paced E-Learning Market Growth (Status and Outlook) 2020 -2025”. Whereas the corresponding market was still worth 5673 million US dollars in 2019, it is expected to achieve an annual market value of 7863.8 million US dollars in 2025.

Especially in today’s working world, which is strongly characterised by digitalisation and globalisation, it is a positive sign if more and more consumers voluntarily and independently educate themselves via eLearning. On the one hand, this results in an increase in knowledge, which is always helpful. On the other hand, potential employees or actual employees are already used to modern learning formats and media, which goes hand in hand with a higher acceptance. Accordingly, the growth in the global eLearning consumer market should also be good news for personnel developers.

In India, the country of origin of the market researcher Market Research Nest, eLearning for consumers is also booming. The auditing firm KPMG recently assumed in its survey “Online Education in India: 2021” that the market there alone is likely to generate sales of around 1.96 billion US dollars in 2021. However, the effects of the corona epidemic could not yet be included in the forecast at that time.

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