LMS and standard content for the North American market and beyond
Knowledge Anywhere – the name of the company says it all!

Learning Management Systems have been the backbone of the global eLearning industry for some time. This is always evident in market studies. Market researchers such as Research and Markets or Wise Guy Research Consultants estimate the current annual sales growth in the LMS corporate sector to be between 25% and 28% annually over the next few years. It is precisely in this market segment that the US provider Knowledge Anywhere feels at home in. And not only here, because in addition to Learning Management Systems, it also works in the production of standard content that can be used both for its own Learning Management Systems and externally as well. The work is crowned with success.

The main focus of Knowledge Anywhere’s activities for the past 22 years has been corporate learning for companies of all sizes. The list of the company’s satisfied customers is just as diverse: These include Ford, Costco, Siemens Healthineers, Terlato Wines, Emerson and Synchrony Financial. This means that Knowledge Anywhere products and services are used, for example, in the aerospace industry as well as in supermarkets and restaurant chains. Knowledge Anywhere, through all of it’s clients, has helped over 3 million users worldwide. Not exactly trifling figures.

Learning Management Systems with a wide range of functions

But how does Knowledge Anywhere achieve success in every industry? The provider Knowledge Anywhere initially concentrates on offering the ‘Knowledge Anywhere Learning Management System’. This can be easily implemented and carried out by the system, regardless of what is involved, whether mobile learning, implementation of quizzes, advanced forms of reporting, Google Analytics integration, live chat, social sharing, certificates, badges, event management, localization or the sale of courses.

But of course an LMS without content is nothing more than a technical framework for the implementation of further training approaches. Knowledge Anywhere also sees it that way and has therefore expanded its own business area in addition to its own Learning Management Systems to the design and marketing of standard content in SCORM format that can be used in numerous other LMS, for example, as web-based training. As a result, in collaboration with Knowledge Anywhere, users can either rely directly on training using the Knowledge Anywhere Learning Management System or, alternatively, they can simply purchase the required eLearning standard content from Knowledge Anywhere and ultimately make it available to students in their Learning Management System from another provider. Their other products, such as Scormify is an easy-to-use tool that instantly converts documents and videos into SCORM compliant material, ready to upload into any LMS.

Modern standard content as a recipe for success

For the Knowledge Anywhere company, the business area of ready-made standard content is also important. Companies can use this content without additional individualization. This form of eLearning content is in high demand today at a number of companies, mainly because content and skills of a general nature, such as team building, compliance, the ability to use office programs such as MS Office, change management and negotiating skills must be taught again and again. But even if  there is a need for further training that has to be met very quickly, standard content is particularly in demand at companies using eLearning. This is also true in spades at the workplace, which is constantly affected by disruption and change. And even if the budget for a continuing education project is rather small, it is often standard content from providers such as Knowledge Anywhere that ultimately make the project successful.

Successful ongoing development of the services

Knowledge Anywhere has taken on the task of developing its own Learning Management Systems and standard content offered in the interest of all customers and their requirements. This is certainly not an easy process. But today there is also a solution that relies on the most intuitive possible operation, responsive design and the associated optimal display regardless of the device involved. Several learning modes and different languages as well as detailed learner data evaluation options have become an integral part of today’s product.

The Bottom Line

Knowledge Anywhere loves in-company training. You can see that in the company’s products. Whether the topic is mobile learning, quizzes, live chats, or extensive analysis options, all of this can be found at Knowledge Anywhere. Due to the technical success of the ‘Knowledge Anywhere Learning Management System’  and the appealing standard content for versatile use in companies, the jury of the eLearning Journal honored the company with the Global Innovation AWARD 2020 in the ‘Learning Technology’ category.