Instructors are fully available to explain computer programs and the like.
Online courses with a sophisticated didactic approach

When it comes to dealing with complex tasks using standard Word or Adobe software, things can get really tricky. After all, there are so many tools, and functional applications are sometimes anything but self-explanatory. But there is no getting around learning about this software. After all, it is used almost everywhere, whether on the job, at university, or directly by users. And it is precisely in this core business area that eLearning service provider Intellezy, LLC performs with flying colours.

Intellezy is an e-learning service provider based in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA. They develop efficient learning approaches for business customers as well as everyday users. To do this, Intellezy relies on a wealth of available standard content for common PC programs that has already been developed, but it also produces individual items for corporate customers that can meet special requirements in various fields or that are tailor-made for specific staff needs.

Both the scope of the learning content as well as the learners themselves cover a broad spectrum. The challenging aspect of the project is above all the absolutely necessary practical relevance and timeliness of the large number of required learning units.

Computer knowledge & business processes made easy

Intellezy offers a total of around 185 standard courses. The main focus is Microsoft and Adobe products, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Windows 10, InDesign, Creative Cloud and Photoshop. In addition, other technical skills, leadership topics and requirements for various business processes with learning units are also covered. For example, a cybersecurity course is available online that is designed to take care of almost 90% of all risks.

Training in standard content via microlearning and short videos

Intellezy specializes in microlearning and has so far designed over 8,000 short lessons covering 185 subject units. Intellezy likes to use three to five minute videos. The course guides are all experienced trainers and experts. This way, learners can find out in a practical way how to set up such features as answering email with Outlook 365 when they are out of the office. Learning nuggets are therefore the key training focus at Intellezy.

Intellezy uses professional film studios to prepare training videos. The courses use unusual camera angles, elaborate motion graphics and other features meant to ensure the best level of training there is.

Many of the courses have downloadable files that learners can use to further their competence. There are also options for checking out possible solutions.

Virtual course instructors guarantee successful learning

Intellezy’s eLearning videos are unique in the field in that the virtual instructor never leaves the screen, but actually accompanies the entire learning process. Intellezy chose this approach because countless studies show that people are drawn to faces and to facial expressions. They pay close attention to this and this feature can also be used to set up eLearnings in a learning-efficient manner by having virtual instructors smile or frown when a student gives them reason to do so during their learning process. It also makes sense for students to identify with their instructors, just as would be the case in face-to-face training. The service provider has already received student feedback such as, “I feel like I know Heather now,” or, “sometimes I wonder what Ed would do if he tried to solve this Excel problem.”

All in all, Intellezy is not limited to offering courses covering merely standard office applications, for example, but fundamentally updates all its content at least every three to six months. Changes or extensions to software are even taken into account weekly in the learning units. This provides students with a quite flexible media concept for studying that is a real plus.

The Bottom Line

“The days of learning a single skill and using it throughout our career are long gone. In this era of digital transformation, we face the reality that we must continually improve upon our current skill set and learn new skills quickly.  To meet the challenge of this new reality, we must make learning part of our work or risk becoming obsolete and losing our job to someone who does make learning part of their everyday routine. I believe Intellezy videos stand out as one tool in which users can quickly gain new skills on a continuous basis. Our eLearning solution ensures viewer engagement, increases retention, and allows users to stay relevant and productive in their chosen careers “ says Andrew Wight, Chief Executive Officer at Intellezy.