What does the future of recruiting look like?

Hagen im Bremischen | Digitalization, AI and New Work are not just buzzwords, but are becoming increasingly important in the working world across all industries. But without qualified employees it is impossible for companies to cope with the digital transformation. Recruiting will become correspondingly important in 2019.

In the field of digital skills, the job market seems to have long since become the applicant market and the war for talent has opened up. Companies can therefore no longer rely on making their vacancies public and managing them, but are dependent on actively promoting them to employees. This also includes an appropriate corporate culture, which can score points with high-potential candidates, for example, because trust prevails instead of control.

But what does future-oriented recruiting look like? One thing is certain: the solution must be simple and quick to use, because time is also money for applicants. If today’s consumers shop online, data and even do their banking there, they ask for similarly convenient solutions during the application process. The trade journal Personalmanager, for example, therefore assumes that one-click applications will become an increasingly important recruiting channel.

In the future, personnel managers will have to rely on a sensible combination of artificial and human intelligence in the recruiting process in order to fill vacancies in the most time-efficient and high-quality way possible. Under no circumstances does the AI deployment render the HR person obsolete, because it is he who possesses the empathic ability to understand people and to strategically advance their development.

Image: © peshkova – stock.adobe.com