Qualification versus work experience: What is important in the world of work?

Hagen im Bremischen | In the age of digitalization, lifelong learning is becoming increasingly important. That much is certain. But what is actually more important in today’s working world, qualifications or experience? Qualifications show that applicants for a job can complete something, but the qualifications are only relevant if they are reasonably up-to-date, because the knowledge acquired is quickly outdated if no professional experience is added.

Formal qualifications are therefore important for starting a career, and their importance tends to decline later.

How important qualifications or work experience are in individual cases also depends on the occupational field. While some, such as the public sector, place great emphasis on qualifications, others, such as the digital sector, are more open if an applicant can convince with his practical experience and work results – far removed from formal qualifications.

In any case, flexibility on the part of applicants seems to be the order of the day. My Amy Watts, VP Talent C& Culture at Accor Hotels Apartments & Leases: “I’m most interested in what candidates are doing to continuously adapt and stay relevant in their industry, and how they are improving their skills with the rapid changes in technology and as the expectations of leaders continue to evolve.”

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