Chatbots are increasingly taking on human hard work

New York | So far, they have been used more experimentally in recruiting. However, they also relieve the workload of the responsible personnel managers by, for example, asking applicants for a possible preference for teamwork or willingness to travel on the basis of clearly defined criteria and then presenting a preselection of suitable jobs. We are talking about chatbots. These are never tiring interlocutors who communicate verbally and non-verbally with people on the web or on the telephone with the help of artificial intelligence. According to the analysis “Global Chatbot Market Overview” by the US market analyst Research Nester, the spread of chatbots is on the rise. In his forecast, which was recently updated with current market data, the market researcher in question assumes a growth rate of 35.08% in the forecast period 2016 to 2023. The global market accounted for about 88.5 million US dollars in 2015 reported by Research Nester.

In his analysis, Research Nester takes a special look at the developments in the various world religions. The market researcher assumes that the North American market will continue to grow, despite by far the highest share of sales to date, because large companies such as Facebook have decided to rely more on chatbots. In addition, this market region would benefit from the fact that local start-ups would again and again bring more efficient chatbot variants to the market. In Europe, companies specializing in outsourcing in particular would increasingly demand chatbots. Particularly high growth opportunities would exist above all in Great Britain, France and Germany. In Asia, Research Nester expects high growth in India, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and China. However, a low level of acceptance of this form of communication among users worldwide would have the effect of hampering the market for chatbots.

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