Gamification is on the rise worldwide

Houston (Texas) | 15 % average annual growth until 2022 confirms the US market research company Research N Reports the global market segment eLearning-Gamification in a current analysis. This is a further positive assessment, but by no means as positive as the recently published assessment of the Indian analyst MarketsandMarkets. This analyst even assumes annual average growth of 32 % by 2023. According to MarketsandMarkets, the current market volume of Gamification comprises 450 million US dollars annually.

Gamification is understood in the new analysis of Research N Reports in such a way that all eLearning mediation methods are included, which make use of playful mechanisms and elements of it. These can be, for example, badges to be acquired in the learning process, which create tension and should sustainably address the motivation of the learners, but also completely different means. One thing is certain for both Research N Reports and MarketsandMarkets: Gamification is a trend that is currently having a significant impact on the eLearning industry.

Geographically, Research N Reports sees the highest percentage growth rates in the Asia-Pacific region. In a number of emerging markets such as China and India, there is increasing demand, for example in the automotive industry. Therfore from now on it will be said everywhere: Let the games begin!

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