Internet of Things acts as a catalyst for eLearning use in the education sector

Pune (India) The Internet of Things also has an impact on education. Today, only the beginnings of what will be conceivable and possible in the future are discernible. For example, “Smart Learning Environments”, i.e. physical rooms equipped with digital devices and sensors that enable a seamless connection between real and virtual environments, are currently being created as learning spaces. In concrete and simple terms, it could be an interactive whiteboard in a school, for example. The teacher’s recordings can be processed directly during the lesson and thus fuel the use of eLearning by students at home in the form of learning management systems. In this respect, it is also relevant for the eLearning industry that the “Internet of Things” is likely to enjoy a much higher level of penetration in the education sector in the coming years.

According to the new analysis “Global IOT in Education Market” by the Indian market research company “Qurate Business Intelligence”, the IOT market in education in 2017 had a volume of around 3.8 billion US dollars. Over the next six years, the company expects the global market to grow by a total of 18.5%. Devices interactively connected to the Internet are therefore likely to become increasingly common in the education sector – and thus in schools, universities and companies as well. According to “Qurate Business Intelligence”, this should not only lead to a more frequent and intensive use of eLearning, but also generally familiarize learners with modern forms of learning.

According to a 2015 report from the U.S. news site Education Week, public schools in the United States spend more than $3 billion annually on digital content and online exam preparation tests. The non-profit organization in India is currently investing an equally large sum of 3 million US dollars to implement better educational measures and higher learning quality, including through IOT and the use of eLearning. This is pointed out by the Indian market research company “Qurate Business Intelligence”. In its market analysis on the IOT in the education sector, “Qurate Business Intelligence” also deals in more detail with specific hardware and its areas of application. Globally, North America is the leading market region for IOT in education. In its market analysis, the Indian company also examines individual countries from a quantitative and qualitative point of view, which can provide numerous new insights.

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