Why it makes sense to collect and use learner data

learner dataHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | A kind of consensus has already established itself globally in corporate learning that it makes sense to collect and use data. But why? This will be clarified in the following article and companies will be encouraged to follow the consensus and thus create decisive impulses for their own corporate learning learning world.

The main reasons for using learner data in companies

Learner data, to the extent that they are collected and processed in accordance with the respective applicable legal regulations, ensure that the learner can actually use individual and relevant learning content for his or her work activities to further develop his or her professional competences. Accordingly, the collection and processing of learner data is closely related to the aim of achieving the highest possible learning efficiency. For the company, however, it is also easier to show management how learning processes affect turnover development and other key performance indicators.

Clarify existing questions about the learning world data-based!

Have you always wondered how long and when learning actually takes place? Or how expensive the provision of learning content for you as a company is actually broken down to the individual employee or a specific department? – After the introduction of the collection and processing of learner and learning data, all this and more will be answerable. This means, for example, that you will be able to find the most optimal payment model for your LXP or LMS and thus save money from now on.

Brief summary

The collection of learner and learning data helps companies to answer important questions from financiers, stakeholders, but also employees about their own learning world. Learning experiences can be personalised, from which the individual learner benefits. But also the examination of the effects of the learning process on the company’s profit can be easily considered.

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