Elijah Falode – Digital Transformation amid Pandemic

The Rise of E-Learning in the Wake of a Pandemic: The Future of Learning-Online Learning, Learn Anywhere!

Author: Elijah Falode
Publishing Company: Independently published
Price: $4.19 (kindle), $20.17 (paperback)
ISBN: (paperback) 979-8687967648
Published: September 16, 2020

In 1998, Tony Blair expressed how Technology has revolutionized how we work and how it is set to transform global education. In his words, “Children cannot be effective in tomorrow’s world if they are trained in yesterday’s skills.” True to what he said, technology has been and continues to be a significant force creating massive changes in the way students learn. According to Rod Paige, the U.S. Secretary of Education in 2002, “A click of a mouse button provides any student anywhere with unprecedented opportunities to learn.” Indeed, the possibilities are substantially much since the advent of the computer. Buy this book to find out everything you need to know about the concept of E-learning and how you can position yourself to take advantage of the on-going transformation in global education. Welcome to the future of learning.