Jim Stovall, Ray H. Hull, PhD – Learning and Self-Development

The Art of Learning and Self-Development: Your Competitive Edge (Your Competitive Edge Series)

Author: Jim Stovall, Ray H. Hull, PhD
Publishing Company: Sound Wisdom
Price: $10.99 (kindle) , $15.99 (paperback) , $14.39 (hardcover)
ISBN:  (paperback) 978-1937879839, (hardcover) 978-1937879815
Published: March 19, 2019

The top achievers learn the most and apply what they learn; therefore, there is no skill, information, or lesson more vital than learning how to learn. This book is a must-listen for business executives, entrepreneurs, people interested in personal development, trainers, teachers, and students. We live in a world where, more and more, we succeed based on what we know rather than what task we perform. Authors Jim Stovall and Ray Hull, PhD, are lifelong learners and teachers of successful best practices across a wide spectrum of topics including learning and education. Listen to this book to understand more about the ways people learn: action steps for learning, new methods to learn, and how learning will help you achieve your goals.