European eLearning market to continue to grow

Dublin | A growth rate of 15 % per year confirms the Irish market researcher Research and Markets for the European eLearning market for the years 2019 to 2023, according to the analysis “E-learning Market in Europe 2019-2023” published at the end of 2018. In particular, the market research institute sees a sustained trend in personalized learning and data analytics. However, mobile learning using smartphones and tablets is also gaining in importance due to higher hardware penetration – for example in companies. On the other hand, regulations such as the EU data protection basic regulation would inhibit growth, as these would result in restrictions on the use of technology and would be able to hamper rapid progress.

If the growth forecast made by Research and Markets for the coming years proves to be true, it is safe to assume that the European market will be one of the most dynamic in the world. If that isn’t an interesting outlook!

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